SpaceUp Atlanta

SpaceUp Atlanta 2013 is on Saturday, September 28th this year at the same location as last year, the GTRI Conference Center. The big difference this year is that, as we discussed last year, this SpaceUp is also the official Georgia Space Society annual conference. This means that your $20 GSS yearly dues also counts as your SpaceUp registration! Also, as requested at our first meeting, we are working to combine both the National and State dues into one easy payment.

SpaceUp Group Photo
SpaceUp 2012 Group Photo

SpaceUp Atlanta is a space un-conference, where participants decide the topics, schedule, and structure of the event. Everyone who attends SpaceUp is encouraged to give a talk, moderate a panel, or start a discussion. We hope to gather students, teachers, space professionals, and enthusiasts in Georgia to start forming a grassroots space community. In addition to the attendee created sessions we are putting together compelling keynote and features speakers from the national and state space industry.

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