Space Georgia, the Georgia affiliate of the National Space Society, is making progress to becoming official. We have sent our application to the national organization and filed our incorporation paperwork. Next steps include setting up a bank account, filing our non-profit paperwork with the IRS, and scheduling our next meeting. Stay tuned for a survey for meeting dates!

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  1. Gary S. Trent says:

    Michael Mealling;

    I ‘stumbled’ upon the NSS web page while looking up data on Arthur D. Little Research work done on Power Beams-instead of getting out my copy of TA Heppenhiemers’ Toward Distant Suns’ or O’Neills’ “The High Frontier:Human Colonies in Space”. I found the data on the NSS site- and paged back to read about the NSS. I was once not just a member of L-5 but President and founder of the Midessa L-5 Society, we held our meetings at the Planetarium in Midland Texas. When L-5 was focused on L-5 by ’95 it was an exciting thing. At that time we had 19,000 members world wide. After NASA killed the 95 other shuttles we began losing members though and then the Charter was put into a tail spin as being ‘illegal’ and L-5 joined with the Planetary Society shortly after the Conference On Space Development in 1983 Houston,Texas. I attended that one and met Robert Heinlein got his autograph (this was before he killed off all the characters he created in all those incredible space books in the 50s and 60s-He said he didn’t want them to outlive him). I have to admit I’ve been out of the circle pretty much since that time- though I did create Lonestar Aerospace with Scot McWilliams, and Bonnie Cooper before that happened and we had a Lab at the University Of Texas Permian Basin where I was continuing research on a hybrid Electric Propulsion System based on earlier work by Immanuael Seversky ( Popular Mechanics August September 1965) and Townsend Brown (Philadelphia Experiment) with copious amounts of AD Moores ‘Electrostatics’ and Fredrick G.Cottrells’ ‘Electrostatic Precipitaton’. We developed up to the point where we were ready to prototype and applied to DARPA hoping for funding for Phase 2 only to learn they weren’t interested in that but would fund Phase 1-which we had aleady done. So we continued to try to do it on our own. Then the bottom fell out of the Oil Industry which was the basis of the Lonestar Investments- when oil dropped from 32.00 a barrel to 16.00 a barrel overnight..suddenly everything was up for grabs- but of specific interest to us at LSA was loss of our lab which was funded by an oil grant program through the state. Unknown to us our agreement to share proceeds with the University was null and void-so everything was packed up and research stopped. Some times I wonder what might have happened if we had not been shut down..its the closest I ever came to seeing something come of the research in to space development- L-5 had simply been an avenue. When L-5 was gone and then the lab funding- I think we all got disillusioned. I did manage to get the guitar instrumental group ‘The Ventures’ to record an lp (and sign it) for the 25th Anniversary of NASA and sent it out to Space Contractors and NASA facilities Celebrating the accomplishments. And I continued some developmental ideas on asteroid mining (a project called ARGUS-for Asteroid Recovery Gathering Utility System based on returning asteroids to earth orbit versus to earth- using cicular 2 year holman orbits and 102 retrieval vehicles.) This pretty much died as the L-5 Colony dates neared and no new boosters where in place to replace those cancelled shuttles- As you may recal O’neill and the L-5 program was based on 60 shuttle flights a year for 2 years- and reusing the aluminum fuel tanks that traditionally were sent back into the atmosphere to burn up- while L-5 proposed collecting them at L-5 and refitting them as work spaces and living quarters while assembling the l-5 oneill cylinders. Admittedly its depressing to realise the Lunar launch system Mass Driver’ has become an amusement park ride instead of being used for launching lunar material- and I don’t know what became of Gary Hays’ ‘Volksrocket’ project.

    Its now 38 years downstream and I wonder if theres any glimmers of the thing that drove us back in the 70s and early 80s? I still dream of Space but at 64 am aware that it is out of reach for me and probably even our kids- but maybe our grandkids if money were freed up for application science and prototyping. Until then I continue to Firefly and Starhunter with smatterings of Star Trek and Star Wars..How about you? Few things get me as excited as talking about and building stuff that never was before- but I find most people today are more interested in ‘moving targets like global warming and failing to understand that as O’neill pointed out the Book ‘Limits To Growth’ are only true if one discounts expanding business and human adventure into space where there is unlimited resources and ample technology has already been developed..and yes..every new technology has risks- as Chuck Yeager and Scott Crossfield pointed out you will break a few ribs and sometimes be wrong in your calculations-but thats how you learn.

    I stated this wondering how strong is the NSS Connection to L5? But it turned out to be simply a trip down memory lane ..So is there any Chapters over Savannah Ga way to visit?

    Ad Astra (used to be Carolyn Hensons By Line and the L-5 Motto)

    Gary S. Trent


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